Already Implemented

  • Auto and Motor Cycle Parts Manufacturing.
  • Auto/Truck Wheel Assembly and Delivery.
  • Ceramic Electrical Insulator Manufacturing.
  • Computer/Mobile Phone Whole Sale/Retail Store.
  • Heat Radiator Manufacturing.
  • Fresh/Processed Food Manufacturing.
  • Plastic Sheet Manufacturing.
  • Real Estate – Office, Apartment and Condominium Sales and Receivables.
  • Lending Control – Barcode and Serial Number Items.
  • Sterile Medical Paper Sheet Manufacturing

Applicable for

  • Auto/Motor Cycle Spare Part Store/Chain Store/Distribution.
  • Cosmatics Manufacturing.
  • Drug Store/Chain Store/Distribution.
  • Electronics Manufacturing.
  • Jewelry Manufacturing.
  • Iron/Aluminium/Alloy Products Manufacturing: Enclosure, Kitchen Ware, Pipes, Nut & Bolt, Nail and Barb Wire.
  • Paint Manufacturing.
  • Plastic Molding/Injection.

Customized industry application request is welcomed!